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Getting Real


The Rasmussen Poll, America’s most accurate in the last election cycle, says reality is starting to catch up with the President. Overall, 52% of voters say they at least somewhat approve of the President’s performance so far. Yesterday and today are the first time that the number of voters who approve of the President’s performance […]

It is amazing how disconnected from reality the average American is. The latest Gallup poll proves it. As his 100th day as president approaches next Wednesday, the survey shows Obama has not only maintained robust approval ratings but also bolstered the sense that he is a strong and decisive leader who can manage the government […]

Arlen Specter, one of three GOP Senators who supported the Obama stimulus plan, has explained his vote. Sen. Arlen Specter says the nation is on the “brink of a depression,” but that there’s a reasonable chance that the economic stimulus package will help ease the situation. We can’t handle the truth, says Specter. The Pennsylvania […]