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Spilling Red


More stimulus or balance the budget – which move is the right one for the U.S.? The Keynesian approach seems to be accepted as the correct one today, but Harvard economist Niall Ferguson says more stimulus spending isn’t a great answer. It’s not like we haven’t tried Keynesianism in the past. Indeed, it was orthodoxy […]

Oh, Crist


Charlie Crist is giving a wonderful presentation on how little issues or philosophy matter to politicians today. Florida pundits are used to unpredictable election battles, but these days they are joking that they need braces for the whiplash they’ve suffered in trying to keep up with Governor Charlie Crist’s dashes from one end of the […]

More Stim


What goes unacknowledged in the Paul Krugman desire to see more stimulus spending is the poor use of the funds. Krugman’s Sunday effort blasted the Senate for failing to pass further stimulus in the form of unemployment benefits. “We’re facing a coalition of the heartless, the clueless and the confused,” he lamented. Obama didn’t fight […]

Job Failure


Stunning jobs numbers were released this morning, just as Democrats arrive home for the holiday recess having refused to come up with funding for the extension of unemployment insurance. Employment fell for the first this year in June as thousands of temporary census jobs ended and private hiring grew less than expected, dealing a blow […]

Not One Job


The stimulus program was rolled out a year ago today, so lots of people are talking about whether it’s been a success or not. The president, naturally, thinks it’s been a boon. President Obama credits the one-year-old economic stimulus legislation with staving off a second depression. But in remarks a short time ago in Washington, […]

This has been an amazing year for Massachusetts Senator Scott Brown, and since his inspiring election win last month, he’s been doing everything right. His transition has been graceful and dignified. Now, the next logical step in expanding the nation’s awareness of him is to write a book. It almost seems the next inevitable step […]

What is at the source of voter frustration with government that is fueling the Scott Brown missile? It just might be this: Nearly three out of four Americans think that at least half of the money spent in the federal stimulus plan has been wasted, according to a new national poll. That’s horrifying news for […]