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Whose in First


Who will succeed Ted Kennedy? The Attorney General of Massachusetts is in the race. Attorney General Martha Coakley this morning picked up nomination papers to run for the Senate seat of Edward M. Kennedy, becoming the first candidate to throw a hat in the ring for what promises to be a fierce five-month-long race. Word […]

The Obama Gang is trying to fix the laws in Massachusetts to make sure health care gets passed. The Boston Globe reported late Wednesday evening that Sen. Ted Kennedy (D-Mass.) has privately asked Governor Deval Patrick, state Senate President Therese Murray, and state House Speaker Robert DeLeo to change the Massachusetts succession law so that […]

The Onliest One


Barack headlined a classy inaugural today. 44 ascended, with grace, accepting the keys to the gate of the greatest nation man has known. George W. Bush on Tuesday brought the curtain down silently on his turbulent eight-year presidency, taking a final stroll in the Oval Office and bidding an emotional goodbye to loyal aides. It […]

Success Or


Senator Robert Byrd is getting along in years. He’s also in line to become president if something were to happen to the President, Vice President and Speaker of the House. Which would be a scary thing. United States Senator Robert Byrd, (D-WV), will remain the President Pro Tempore in the next Congress. Byrd recently announced […]