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Squeezing Scott


The senate is working on a new stimulus today, but this time they’re calling it a jobs bill. I guess the big stimulus wasn’t a jobs bill, event though it was supposed to keep unemployment below 8%. Anyway, Scott Brown has become a focal point on the issue. The liberal-leaning group Americans United for Change […]

The divisiveness of the Obama health reform project is demonstrated by his meeting today with 60 members of Congress – a delegation made up of members of his own party, and those who caucus with them. The purpose? To force his reluctant partners to pass a government takeover of 17% of the U.S. economy. Democrats […]

It’s fun to get the liberal perspective on what the GOP needs to become relevant again. So what do you do with a sunken party, one whose base has been whittled down to the South, the Plains, and parts of the interior West? Mostly though, it’s best to ignore folks like Scot Lehigh, writing on […]