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Andrew Breitbart meets his alter-ego on GMA this morning. Nah… that’s unfair. Breitbart tore apart a race spewing hater of the vast left wing race baiting conspiracy. Internet publisher Andrew Breitbart debated Media Matters Senior Fellow Eric Boehlert on ‘Good Morning America’ this morning. BREITBART: He talked about race-baiting here. The context is laid out […]

Bomb Throw


Does the NAACP focus on alleged racism in the Tea Party movement make it relevant, or is it an act of bomb throwing that proves the organization’s irrelevance?

Nasty Machine


Illinois Democrats are trying to stop the Black candidate. Chicago – On Wednesday, one of Governor Quinn’s routine bill signing ceremonies turned into a debate over ballot access and the Tea Party in Illinois. A supporter of Republican and Tea Party activist Cedra Crenshaw jumped up and demanded to know why Democrats supporting incumbent State […]

Just spreading the love.

Good Point


Rand Paul says it in Kentucky, and it’s very true. Why aren’t more people saying it?

Hold the Coffee


For Boston area residents, there’s a Tea Party event today from 2:00 to 4:00 PM on the Waltham Common. I’ll be speaking, as will Howie Carr, and Chip Faulkner from Citizens for Limited Taxation will be the MC. Here are some highlights: 1:45 – 2:00  Patriotic Music with DJ – Waltham’s own John Penny ! […]

Reid Angle


Today is the busiest day of elections we’ll have till November. One biggie is in Nevada, where Majority Leader Harry Reid is struggling in the polls against every potential Republican. But Tea Party conservative Sharron Angle is said to be the one Reid wants most to face. …Angle is unapologetic about her conservative beliefs: her […]

Haters We Trust


Proof comes from Georgia that the left’s irrational fear of the Tea Party movement isn’t so irrational after all. Oh! thus be it ever, when freemen shall stand Between their loved home and the war’s desolation! Blest with victory and peace, may the heav’n rescued land Praise the Power that hath made and preserved us […]

Party Slap


The power structure, from Republican leader Mitch McConnell to President Obama and Nancy Pelosi, took a slap upside the head from the Tea Party energy tonight, as Rand Paul grabbed the GOP nomination for senate in Kentucky. Political novice Rand Paul rode support from tea party activists to victory in Kentucky’s Republican Senate primary tonight, […]

Sarah Palin spoke to the NRA on Friday. Former Republican vice presidential candidate Sarah Palin said during a speech Friday that President Barack Obama and his Democratic allies would ban guns and ammunition if they could get away with it. The former Alaska governor said in a speech to the National Rifle Association that political […]

Does the Obama Left really believe that we should be shutting down our economy to protect the planet from Climate Change, or are there other reasons they favor the Warming movement? I hope you all realize that you could eliminate every power plant in America today and you can stop every car in America today.  […]

Terror Gig


Bill Ayers says, again, he’s not a terrorist – never was. While he did declare war on the United States and carried out that war with bombings of buildings that resulted in death, he figures since they weren’t trying to kill anyone, you can’t call him a terrorist. Here’s the definition of terrorism. The unlawful […]

Once More


By popular demand, here’s another shot at the Queen rewrite that Cooksey and I did called We Are the Patriots.

What’s Wrong


What’s wrong with these Black people? Don’t they understand they’re supposed to view themselves only through the lense of race?

These liberals are so ugly. The transparency with which they engage in the behaviors that they accuse others of is really startling. Consider John Conyers, a congressman who seems unconcerned about insulting patriotic Americans who protest for more responsible government. Conyers calls Tea Party activists Teabaggers! Definition number one from the Urban Dictionary? a man […]

Funny How?


Do you think the president is funny when he says things like Tea Partiers should be saying thank you for all his tax cutting? Some do! Somehow, as smart as he is, the president doesn’t get that an $8 per paycheck cut in payroll taxes doesn’t make up for trillion dollar increases. Besides, those who’ve […]