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Bonnie & Clyde


Bonnie & Clyde are back – no guns required. In their new form, the robbers use pen and ink, and they do their deeds in the dark of night. The amount of taxpayer money being funneled to a Dorchester shrine to the late Sen. Edward M. Kennedy has ballooned to $38 million and could rise […]

Kitchen Cabinet


This guy might offer the most powerful argument yet for Castro Care.

Never Die


One silver lining to the Obama attempt to destroy America is that Democrats will no longer be able to escape the reality of their liberalism. The brand is now understood by voters. Another is that liberals will keep trying to push us faster down the slippery slope. This will assure a highly energized GOP in […]

Mean Spirited


Listen to this tall tale told by the President last week in an effort to demonize the insurance industry. Americans for Limited Government Communications Director Carter Clews today asked President Barack Obama to explain a “rather unusual” story Obama told at Thursdays’ health care summit about his dealings with a fictitious Acme Auto Insurance company. […]

Does it matter what’s in the Democrats’ health care proposals, or is it more important what their true intent is – what their endgame is? I say it’s the latter – they are well practiced in taking simple little “safety net” programs and growing them into monsters that put the nation on the verge of […]

Breathing Brown


What else is Scott Brown up to besides being a United States Senator? He’s busy breathing, of course, and when Scott Brown breathes, the political world shifts. US Representative William Delahunt said yesterday that he is considering retiring from his congressional seat representing the South Shore and Cape Cod, although he portrayed his deliberations as […]

Might Judd Gregg provide the bridge to restarting the legislative process on health care? He’s giving it a try. “I’m not on their reach-out list, so nothing may come of this,” Gregg said in an interview Wednesday. “But I’m ready to sit down and try to be helpful.” Would the White House work with Gregg? […]

Will the Scott Brown train keep rolling along? It’s a big day, of sorts, for President Obama. President Obama is heading to New Hampshire on Tuesday, but his eye is on Illinois. The first primary contest of the midterm election season is taking place in Mr. Obama’s home state, where voters are choosing Republican and […]

It’s already been a week since the Massachusetts victory. Not enough time for the Boston Globe to figure out the meaning of the election. One state’s vote, by a 52-47 majority, doesn’t erase a 29-state presidential victory and a 59-vote Senate margin. If Democrats use the Massachusetts election to abandon health reform, they won’t be […]

The people have spoken, and Larry Kudlow is wondering who is listening. Sen. Scott Brown’s epic victory in Massachusetts on Tuesday night dealt a crushing blow to Obamacare, cap-and-trade, card check (and other union favors), and most importantly, all the tax hikes that are lingering on the table. But does Washington really understand the Scott […]

The Scott-op


When will the Dems pass health reform? When will they jam the Senate bill through the House? You’ll be surprised, and pleased, by Nancy Pelosi’s answer. “We’re in no rush,” Pelosi said. Now there’s a shift. I was talking to a liberal friend on Sunday night – just two days before the Massachusetts Miracle. He […]

John Kerry was asked on Channel 5 yesterday about how quickly the swearing in of the newly elected senator should happen. For some reason, he wasn’t paying the usual lip service to the will of the people. Senator John Kerry: Well, I don’t think that’s possible. I mean even under normal circumstances, when I was […]

Killer Ted


Dems are still in denial – they continue to think that Ted Kennedy’s legacy provides them leverage with voters. National GOP strategists say that the unexpected tightening in the Massachusetts Senate race has demonstrated the potency of the electorate’s antipathy for the Democratic health care legislation, and that Republican Scott Brown’s campaign could become a […]

Depressing Race


Taking polls, and trusting them, is dangerous work in an election like the one coming up Tuesday in Massachusetts. As a special election, the race between Scott Brown and Martha Coakley is the only election being decided on that day. Either you’re very excited about going to vote to replace Ted Kennedy, or, the day […]



Who is accountable to whom?

The Terminator


It’s not a surprise, but the news is good nonetheless. The Boston Globe has endorsed Martha Coakley. In the process, they have provided Scott Brown with an exciting new nickname. People in Massachusetts are understandably frustrated. Next week’s special election comes in the midst of a too-long Senate debate on health care, showcasing much of […]