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Tony Tony


BP CEO Tony Hayward may want his life back, but the life he’s living doesn’t seem all that bad. As the gusher continues to flow a mile below the surface in the Gulf. BP CEO Tony Hayward spent Saturday at a prestigious yacht race around England’s Isle of Wight. Hayward isn’t alone in his cavalier, […]

Divided Tragedy


If you can reduce the tragic flow of oil in the Gulf by half, what remains? Half a tragedy. Coast Guard Adm. Thad Allen said Saturday that after its first full day of work, the cap placed on the gusher near the sea floor trapped about 252,000 gallons of oil, which is somewhere between a […]

Road Kill


As the oil continues to spew unfettered into the Gulf, a similar mass of darkness hangs over the Obama administration. The failure of Top Kill threatens to make Road Kill of the Obama presidency. The unrelenting flow of oil forces the spotlight back onto the White House strategy of playing politics, rather than offering leadership, […]