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More Christie


His mission to educate voters on the devastating results of the partnership between Democrats and Unions will turn New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie into a hero of the GOP, and, perhaps, a savior for the country. Here’s more.

What the Scott?


Unions are the most destructive force in the country today. Their partnership with the Democrats means that the ruling party has no interest in good education, good government, or good policy on any level. Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid (D-Nev) slipped an amendment into the Senate Supplemental appropriations bill that will force states to collectively […]

Spirit of 76


Democrats know that the things they want aren’t popular, so they usually look to make change without having to pass laws. When it became clear that congress would never pass Card Check, liberals went back to their normal approach. The National Mediation Board has overhauled a decades-old election rule to make it easier for airline […]

Married Dems


Few forces in our politics are as destructive as the partnership between the Democratic Party and the labor movement. The rubble of GM and Chrysler, the education system, and the finances of states and municipalities are some of the more obvious, and current, results that sit plainly for all to see. Jerry Brown’s recent plea […]

American Curses


The real purpose of health care reform? A union of millions of newly organized workers to partner with, Democrats providing them special benefits in exchange for votes, feet on the street, and money. Soon, all “improvements” to health care will be improvements to the bottom line of unions, a partnership similar to the one that […]

Organized Rage


As you know, the most important special interest of the Democratic Party is organized labor. But even a liberal administration knows that leadership means abandoning your best friends once you finally get power. “It’s beyond belief to me,’’ said Robert Haynes, president of the Massachusetts AFL-CIO. While Obama and Congress inherited “a big mess’’ from […]

Newsweek Magazine has handed over its latest issue and remaining journalistic integrity to Ted Kennedy and his long campaign for universal health care. Teddy talks about his plane accident during Jack’s presidential campaign, as well as his current medical crisis. Last year, I was diagnosed with a malignant brain tumor. Surgeons at Duke University Medical […]