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Let Ego Ring


Van Jones reflects on his six months in the cockpit of the Obama Administration. If you were given the same opportunity I was to go and serve for six months, and it was 100% guaranteed that you’d have the same rough exit that I had, do it – it’s worth every minute. Best part starts […]

Not Following


Polls over the past several weeks have seen an erosion of support for President Obama that is virtually unprecedented. It’s no surprise that he’s not popular with registered Republicans. The bad news for the White House? A majority of independent voters, 53 percent, now disapprove of Obama’s job performance… That marks the first time a […]

The decency and devotion of liberals to good government astounds anew on a regular basis! That’s Van Jones, a Special Advisor on Green Jobs at the White House Council on Environmental Quality  speaking in February in Berkeley. Wikipedia reports: When he graduated law school, Jones gave up plans to take a job in Washington, D.C., […]