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World Ponzi


Let’s play the World Ponzi Game!!! Since 1997, satirists John Clarke (satirist) and Bryan Dawe have presented a (usually) weekly mock interview covering a topical issue at the end of The 7.30 Report. Dawe is the interviewer, while Clarke plays a prominent public figure, though unusually for satire he makes no attempt to imitate the […]

Nancy Pelosi can’t think of any reason that Wall Street gives so much money to Democrats – she doesn’t even know if it does. But don’t think the money is just going to Republicans. While Democrats have sought to tie the GOP to Wall Street, the securities and investment industry has actually given more money […]

Buffett Too


President Obama is facing a growing crowd of angry business leaders, frustrated over his unwillingness to treat the economy as Job One. Warren Buffet did it yesterday. “The message has to be very, very clear as to what government will be doing,” said Buffett, an informal adviser to the White House. “And I think we’ve […]

In the end, the answer was obvious. How does he support doing the wrong things at a critical moment? President Barack Obama has championed an economic stimulus package that Republican Gregg thinks is “focused on things that are extraneous to getting the economy going” with “too little investment in the underlying problem” — shoring up […]

New Era


The economic meltdown has Americans reacting in exactly the wrong way – crying uncle. The majority are happily giving Barack a blank check to fix things. Support for change…  is in the air, with seven in 10 Americans in this ABC News/Washington Post poll saying Obama has a mandate for “major new social and economic […]

How does one… Wall Street may be bruised and battered, but it still donated more money than any other U.S. industry to President-elect Barack Obama‘s inaugural festivities on Tuesday, a study has found. …change the way Washington does business… The Center for Responsive Politics said executives of finance, insurance and real estate companies and their […]

Could Be


Are you more concerned by the meltdown or the reaction to the meltdown? I’ve got this idea in my head that the big stimulus package represents the end of America. “I don’t believe it’s too late to change course, but it will be if we don’t take dramatic action as soon as possible. If nothing […]