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No one can claim the liberal media cabal is a theory anymore – the smoking gun has been found. A conspiracy of liberal writers to defraud the electorate by failing to cover bad news for Obama has been revealed. Most shocking is their method of deception. In one instance, Spencer Ackerman of the Washington Independent […]

These girls are 8 years old. What’s your reaction to seeing them dance? Their satin-and-lace hooker look screams Lolita. The whole two-minute display seems one crotch-shot short of illegal. And with nearly 2 million hits, the clip of five enthusiastically gyrating grade-schoolers (dubbed “Little Girls Going Hard on Single Ladies”) taped at the World of […]

The vulgarity of the Obama push for Castro Care has triggered a socialist ally, the Washington Post, to raise its eyebrows. WE UNDERSTAND the administration’s sense of urgency on health-care reform. But what is intended as a final sprint threatens to turn into something unseemly and, more important, contrary to Democrats’ promises of transparency and […]

Beyond Liberals


Does Tiger Woods have the right to be attracted to whatever sort of woman he’s attracted to? Not in the racist minds of liberals like Eugene Robinson at the Washington Post. Here’s my real question, though: What’s with the whole Barbie thing? No offense to anyone who actually looks like Barbie, but it really is […]

Ascending Party


Looking for evidence that reports of the GOP’s death have been greatly exaggerated? How about taking a look at fundraising by the national parties. In 2009, numbers show that more funds have been contributed to the Republican National Committee, which leads the DNC for the year by about 5 million bucks… $52 million to $46.7 […]

A couple of weeks ago, the Christian Science Monitor announced it would discontinue its daily print edition, moving toward being an online-only publication. This isn’t ruining too many lives – the Monitor wasn’t a vital partner to morning coffee for many Americans. Nevertheless, it was the first major daily to retire the presses, and a […]