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Hold the Coffee


For Boston area residents, there’s a Tea Party event today from 2:00 to 4:00 PM on the Waltham Common. I’ll be speaking, as will Howie Carr, and Chip Faulkner from Citizens for Limited Taxation will be the MC. Here are some highlights: 1:45 – 2:00  Patriotic Music with DJ – Waltham’s own John Penny ! […]

Rally Tonight


We hope to see you tonight in Quincy for the Pass the Perry rally. The Perry Amendment, offered by Cape Cod state Rep and Congressional candidate Jeff Perry, would change Massachusetts policy and block state benefits for illegal immigrants. We’re having a protest in support of that bill, which, while not passed by the House […]

Once More


By popular demand, here’s another shot at the Queen rewrite that Cooksey and I did called We Are the Patriots.

People have been asking for a fresh, easier to find post of the president performing the Beatles Taxman. Understandable. Plus, a bonus track.

Dog Wagging


It was striking to see Sarah Palin get out of the SUV today. It had pulled in behind the line of buses on Boston Common, with the stage on the other side of the buses, and the crowd on the other side of the stage. So, for the bulk of the crowd, Sarah was out […]

David Axelrod admits that the Watergate style tactics that Democrats use aren’t foreign to him.

Will you be there Wednesday, on Boston Common, for the Tea Party Express rolling into town? I’ll be speaking, as will Sarah Palin. Here’s Globe coverage, intermingled with a new health care poll from Rasmussen. The eyes of local political activists of all stripes will be focused on Boston Common this Wednesday as Sarah Palin […]