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Minor Bumps


A new poll from CBS should provide some encouragement to Republicans in the senate working to alter and complicate passage of the health care reconciliation bill. The poll finds that 62 percent want Congressional Republicans to keep challenging the bill, while 33 percent say they should not do so. Nearly nine in ten Republicans and […]

Father Figure


Ever wonder what it would be like to have Joe Biden as a dad? Supportive sums it up. And embarrassing too. Listen to the VP congratulate Barack at the Castro Care signing. “This is a big fucking deal,” he tells the president as he leans into his ear a few inches from the microphones he’s […]

Nostalgia Care


Obama campaign ad calls government run health care an “extreme” move that is “wrong” and would lead to higher taxes. Changing the way Washington does business?

Award Winner?


What is the most ridiculous argument the President has offered in support of his health care proposals? “Reducing the waste and inefficiency in Medicare and Medicaid will pay for most of this plan,” Obama said. Now, that’s incredible.

Those GOP Lies


We all know that the Republicans, who just want to kill health care reform for political reasons, have based their opposition on spreading lies – like fabricating the idea that Obama wants to ration health care in order to save money! Where in the world would they come up with such an idea? THE PRESIDENT: […]

Will illegal immigrants be covered under ObamaCare? Of course! There’s a moral imperative… but there’s also an economic one. Consider California, on the brink of economic collapse. Sixty percent of the county’s uninsured patients are not U.S. citizens. More than half are here illegally. About 2 million undocumented aliens in Los Angeles County alone are […]

How Dare They!


Senator Tom Harkin has a difficult town meeting. The New York Times, meanwhile, offers the truth on the President’s guarantees that everyone’s health care coverage will remain unchanged if that’s their wish. Mr. Obama has said repeatedly, as he told the American Medical Association in June: “If you like your doctor, you will be able […]