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President Barack Obama. We have a couple of months to get it down.



Senate – Republican John Sununu loses in New Hampshire, Dole loses in North Carolina, but Dems won’t have 60 as McConnell hangs on in Kentucky, as does Chambliss in Georgia. Former Democratic governor Jeanne Shaheen won a rematch for the United States Senate, defeating incumbent Republican John E. Sununu in a bitterly fought campaign that […]

Exit Polls IV


Some exit poll numbers for Virginia and Indiana. VA Change Voters – 92% ObamaExperience Voters – 93% McCainEvangelicals – 78% McCainSuburbs – 54% Barack INIndependents – 58% ObamaNew Voters – 68% BarackWhites no college – 50% McCainWhite Evangelicals – 66% McCain With key states in the east, we should know fairly early how things are […]

Military Votes


There is controvery in Virginia over the votes of deployed forces. The McCain campaign went to court to make sure that late arriving absentee ballots would be counted. A federal judge has ordered election officials in Virginia to preserve late-arriving absentee ballots that Republican John McCain’s campaign claims should be counted. The McCain campaign says […]

I suspect this led to a reduced turnout for Democratic voters considering how they’re registering anyone who can breath – or could at one time, anyway. Boston morning hosts Gerry Callahan and John Dennis told listeners to their WEEI show today the election was postponed and that Democrats should show up to vote tomorrow to […]

Exit Polls III


50% say Barack has the experience to be president. 42% say they are worse off than 4 years ago. 68% support offshore drilling 49% expect higher taxes either way. 61% say Michelle will be goof first lady 32% of voters say they will be scared if Barack wins. 30% with McCain. 51% say government should […]

Exit Polls II


From Gawker: See, we told you not to get too excited. The first state exit polls have crossed our transom and they look like Obama’s margins are tighter than recent polling in key states Pennsylvania, Virginia, North Carolina and Florida. So hold your breath.