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I’m always looking to reinforce for Democrats the reality that their party is no better than the GOP. Both parties play politics the hardball way – prepared to say and do just about anything to win an election. But Democrats perceive themselves as the good and moral ones, the ones who care, who have compassion. […]

The great birth certificate controversy – the Obama campaign’s refusal to release his in response to media requests – apparently ended this week, but I’ve been waiting to post on the resolution until the facts became clear. There’s an official certification of Democrat Barack Obama’s birth posted over at the liberal website Daily Kos. Site […]

Is Rush a victim of Barackabuse? The Chicago Sun-Times says yes, that his new anti-smear site is smearing Rush. News item: Barack Obama campaign starts new Web site to fight smears from political opponents at The first smear mentioned: “LIE: Rush Limbaugh says a tape exists of Michelle Obama using the word ‘whitey’ from […]

Saturday night was date night. Rosalie and I went to the movies, then out to dinner (at a great restaurant in Cambridge, MA called the Blue Room.) The movie choice was not nearly as good as dinner. The film is called War, Inc., and its the latest in a string of anti-war movies turned out […]